Business management is the process of overseeing and coordinating different functions within a company or organization. This may include managing, supervising and directing the company’s employees, financial resources, or physical assets in the hopes of accomplishing the long-term goals of the organization. Business managers are also responsible to assess and mitigate risk.

A career in management of business can lead to a broad variety of opportunities, and not just within for-profit businesses. Nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and even community groups can employ business managers to manage their operations. Although the specific requirements for a job differ, all business managers need to be able make intelligent decisions and solve complicated problems.

This might involve studying and analyzing data, creating strategic plans, or communicating with customers, suppliers and competitors to determine and address issues that might arise. Business managers must be able to think big and see the larger scope to set realistic, ambitious goals for their company.

Delegation is another important ability for business managers. This allows them to concentrate on the jobs they are most suited to and ensures that vital work is not left undone. A clear and organized system can help avoid misunderstandings, miscommunications, and even missed deadlines.

Students who are looking to start a career that is exciting and has a major impact should consider a degree program in business administration. American Public University offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in management of business, including an online bachelor of arts in management, as well as the master of business administration (MBA). Contact us today to find out more about our flexible, affordable and fully accredited programs.

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